Switching places … is it worth becoming a celebrity for one day?

Have you ever been thinking of switching places with all those people, who you watch on TV, and who represent everything you’d like to become one day? Have you ever sighed with admiration while seeing all these ideal men and women, who are not only beautiful, but also extremely successful in life? Have you ever faced thoughts ‘If I had such a figure and legs/If I were so muscular my life would be completely different’? What makes us follow their lives with such a curiosity? What makes us believe in all these fanciful rumors related to their lives? Why do we take them for granted?

Pop culture creates certain canons of beauty and success, which determine who we are or who we’d like to become. Is it really good to go along with the crowd? Is it good to undergo widespread brainwashing? Maybe it would be better to have your own opinion? Teenagers are the group which is especially prone to negative influence of pop culture, because they’re still in the process of shaping their personality and true self. It doesn’t mean that adults don’t get influenced by different fashions and temptations offered by widely promoted life-style and tinsel of silver screen. I don’t really want to negate the success gained by clever and talented people, who thanks to their passions and hard work, reached the top of popularity and respect in their own circles! You should really pattern yourself on them! Are these truly talented people the ones who catch our attention? Or maybe we are more interested in celebrities and lap-dogs, who are desperate to be on TV, despite being deprived of any talents?

Imagine you could switch places with one of your favourite celebrities for one day … yes … the whole 24 hours! You start thinking … yes … that’s it! Now I will live to the fullest … shitload of money … lots of fame … what to want more? Listen … it may blow your mind! Indeed, there will be money, there will be fame … but it’s only a feeble construction presented to average viewers to make us not believe our eyes and admire others’ lives. The truth is that lots of them are not really better than you, on the contrary! Celebrities’ good luck is often supported by connections and temporary demands of the market. Think how difficult it is to hide your imperfections, while pretending to be someone else than you are! How hard it is to pretend that you are smarter than you are … an expert on everything and nothing! How tough it is to take care of your faultless look, especially if the nature wasn’t generous to you here or there? Have you ever had an impression that looking at you silver screen faces are fake … a perfect creation of one plastic surgeon? Artificially lifted cheeks, pouty lips and motionless faces? Is it really an amazing effect of a beetroot diet or an interference of skilled surgeons? Have you ever been thinking of the addictions, depressions and other mental illnesses they face? The pressure put on them is high enough to make seemingly strong people break just like tree twigs. Of course, money doesn’t stink … and we often say that the ones who claim that money doesn’t bring happiness simply don’t have it! Attention! Make money! Be successful! But only thanks to your own work and talent … not thanks to humbugerry, and building the image of yourself, which is only a poor imitation of the person you’d like to be!

You should watch TV, listen to music, browse the Internet … but be critical! Don’t accept everything you see or hear! Analyze the facts! Don’t compare yourself to celebrities, as at the end of the day, after removing their make-ups and having the next drink … they are no better than you, on the contrary!

Look for the beauty in yourself! Follow your passions! Thanks to hard work and persistence you will gain much more than celebrities, your success will be lasting and satisfaction genuine and invincible.

See you around!


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Photo by 俊逸 余 on Unsplash

24 thoughts on “Switching places … is it worth becoming a celebrity for one day?

  1. Widziałam Twój wpis na fejsbukowej grupie, więc wpadłam 😉 Fajny tekst i bardzo na czasie. Abstrahując od wszelkich ostatnich wydarzeń internetowych i kwestii szczerości i prawdziwości – wiele ludzi sobie myśli, że celebryci to coś w rodzaju nadludzi, a to dokładnie takie same osoby jak my. Tylko to właśnie my, zwykli śmiertelnicy musimy zmienić swoje myślenie i przestać traktować panie z telewizji jak coś niesamowitego.

    1. Dziękuję bardzo! Niestety, to co oferuje nam telewizja często wpływa negatywnie na naszą samoocenę. Dlatego, myślę, że to temat na czasie i nie warto porównywać się do celebrytów 🙂

    1. Yes, that’s true. It’s best to find a purpose which will motivate you to work harder. Money can always be lost, but not the fact who you really are.

  2. You’re so right about this. Celebrities are so quickly judged and just because they put themselves out there doesn’t mean we have a right to be critical. We should be strong enough to avoid thinking horrible things 🙂

    1. I’m glad I’m a person who doesn’t take much interest in the lives of celebrities. I’m quite concerned about my students who often can’t see the difference between the screen life and the real one. 🙂

  3. I have never thrive to become a celebrity. I think they live pretty empty lives. I do like my life how it is. I wish we had less celebrity influence because it is not good for our young ones. I guess if celebrities be better role models less critical the audience would be.

    1. The most important is to be satisfied with our own lives and try to be as good as we can. Celebrities are shown for a certain purpose which is not good for majority of us but for companies and TV broadcasters to make people do what they want.

  4. I believe that you need to be comfortable with your own values. These will shape how you live your life. I think celebrities have other people doing things for them and as such are really “living” and is it the life they really want to lead. I value my privacy and freedom.

    1. I also value my privacy and freedom and when it comes to my values I’m truly happy that I am who I am. We should watch more valuable and passionate people on TV instead of all these miserable celebrities. 🙂

  5. I’d love to switch places with a celebrity but I think a day would be plenty. I’lt would be an interesting experience but I couldn’t do it full time.

    1. I think I stress too much to be a celebrity, the things which make them happy would simply knock me down. 🙂

  6. What a great read. I think it is a fantasy to become someone famous or have lots of money and power for a day, but at the end of the day, I think most of us are happy with our own life, our own family and loved ones.

    ~ xo Sheree

    1. The biggest treasure are our close ones, no money will make you the same happy after all. 🙂

  7. It’s all just a crazy fantasy and I think with Twitter and social media we have a peek into more of a celebrity’s personal life and that makes them more human and more relatable and sometimes makes the desire to want to be them even higher. We just have to be able to realize that a celebrity is always on. They’re always putting on some sort of show and we’ll never know what they’re really like when they’re alone or just with friends. I think I would rather be friends with celebrities than be one myself. Or at least be friends with them as people. Like I feel like I could be Reese Whitherspoons buddy or Jennifer Lawrence. I want to be their BFFs lol

    1. I love your comment and agree with that! There are some celebrities who we would like to get to know and make friends with. It’s just important to keep the right balance between the life of celebrity and the personal life. 🙂

  8. Great commentary, and I agree 100% with you! This is why this may happen when someone asks me the following question:
    Person/friend: Who is your favorite actor or actress?
    Me: *blank stare*
    Actually, I don’t have a favorite actor or actress, because I don’t see them as gods or goddesses, but as regular people following their dreams. People don’t know how much these famous people go through to be successful! I used to really like a certain singer, and got up early one day just to see their concert on TV! However, I wouldn’t do that anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I respect famous people’s drive and hard work. I just don’t think we should fawn over anyone like they’re gods, but treat EVERYONE with love, respect and dignity, regardless of whether they are famous or not.

    1. It seems that we have really simmilar views on this matter, I also don’t have any favourite actors or singers. I can appreciate their work if it’s good, no matter whether they are famous or not. Our life is in the place where we live and we should focus more on amazing people who are just next to us. 🙂

  9. I don’t think I’d want to be anyone besides myself. I like flying under the radar and having a bit of privacy.

    1. Oh me too! I would never like to be in the public eye, as it would stress me too much. 🙂

    1. We need to learn how to love the place where we live and how to love ourselves first. 🙂

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